About John

It is all about the wheel... ....

It is all about the wheel.......

I am mostly self-taught, starting in Berlin in the 1990s.

My first career, as a doctor working mostly for the Armed Forces, took me to many interesting places and I have made and sold pots in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy and France, as well as the UK.

In  2007 I left the Royal Navy and now work at pottery full-time.  I use white-bodied stoneware clay and high temperature glazes for their texture and durability 

In September 2013 I started a part time MA degree in Ceramics at UCLAN, Preston, Lancashire, UK.  My main research area is the expression of movement in ceramics made on the wheel, based on the images of Eadweard Muybridge and the Colour Field paintings of Jules Olitski.

January 2017 Awarded Master of Art (Ceramics) with Merit.